PPM coalition commences campaigns for local council election

Monday, January 6th, 2014

Shaheeda Saeed

Progressive Party of Maldives, PPM coalition has commenced campaigns for local council election to be held on 18 January 2014.

The official ceremony to be held regarding the campaigns will be held at 9:00 tonight at Alimas Carnival. The top leaders of the PPM coalition will be participating in the ceremony.

The coalition urged all people to participate in this ceremony organized by PPM, Jumhooree Party, MDA and Adhaalath Party.

President Abdulla Yameen has said that campaign trips will be held to the islands with the commencing of the campaigns.

He said that Jumhooree Party leader Gasim Ibrahim and MDA Leader Ahmed Shiyam Mohamed will be touring the islands to campaign for the coalition in the election.

In addition to this, President denied the rumours spread in the media that there is a disagreement within the coalition.

President Yameen said that PPM coalition will achieve a good success in the upcoming elections and is continuing upon unity.

Jumhooree Party stated that they are much more united than in the Presidential election. The party expressed certainty in succeeding in the election with good results.

MDA stated that it is only the opposition who are brewing these rumours of a disagreement within the coalition. He said that no matter which rumours they spread they will not be able to win any success defeating the PPM coalition.

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