Local Council election underway

Saturday, January 18th, 2014

Throughout the country, elections are being held in to elect members to City councils, Atoll councils and Island councils. The election commenced at morning 7:30 today.

Speaking to Miadhu Daily, Elections Commissioner Fuwad Thaufeeg said that there have not been any major problems so far but some minor problems have been occurring.

He said that there will always be some minor problems in elections such as the ongoing election and the Elections Commission is resolving all those issues.

Fuwad said that there was a problem of a delay in the voting in one of the islands however it is being resolved by the commission now.

Hussein Solih from Addu City told Miadhu Daily that the voters count is low in the city because of bad weather.

While there are total 464 ballot boxes placed, a total of 2462 candidates are running in the election.

Elections Commission says that 1124 councilors will be elected for the local councils. They said that this includes 975 island councilors, 132 atoll councilors and 17 city councilors.

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