Humam confesses to the murder of Dr. Afraasheem

Thursday, May 23rd, 2013

Hussain Humam [Aged 19] of H. Lobby has confessed to the murder of Dr. Afraasheem Ali, the Member of Parliament representing the Un’goofaaru constituency in one of the most large-scale investigations ever carried out by the Maldives Police Service.

A sudden development yesterday in the ongoing trial regarding this case in the Criminal Court where Hussain Humam,19 year-old of H. Lobby confessed to the crime revealed many additional details concerning the case.

When the state produced the evidences against Humam yesterday at court, he said that there is nothing more to say regarding the case and that he confesses to the murder of Dr. Afraasheem.

The evidences used against Humam include his statements given to the Court last year on December 7, 2012, the statements given to the Juvenile Court by the underage boy who participated in the crime, DNA analyses which proved that there were traces of the blood of the victim on Humam’s body.

The state attorney said that the statements given by Humam to court last year and the statement given by the underage boy who was an ally to the crime were the same and that the Police found traces of Dr. Afraasheem’s blood on the jeans Humam was wearing on the night of the murder.

When the judge asked for Humam’s comment when the state attorney produced the evidences against him, Humam requested the state to read his previous statements to the Police during the investigation.

Judge approved the request and the state attorney read out Humam’s statements. The statement stated that the plot to kill Dr. Afraasheem was first revealed to Humam by an army officer called Azlif Rauf.

Humam said that he met Azlif and a person known as “Spy” during last year Ramadan. He said that Azlif first did not give details of the plot to murder the MP but said that there is a job that is to be done and if accomplished successfully will benefit Humam. He said that Azlif asked him to remain safe from getting arrested for any crime.

Humam said that he did not know the real name of the person known as “Spy” but said that the man was arrested for his involvement in a drug case involving the trafficking of 13 kilos of narcotics.

Humam said that he is a member of Kudahenveiru gang. He said that he was arrested later for defying Police orders and he lost the chance to participate in a sports event. He said that he had a dispute regarding the matter with Azlif’s brother near State Bank of India for not laying low. He said that during the dispute he hit Azlif’s brother and things got heated up and Azlif threatened him that he will end bitterly. However, he said that Azlif sent him to receive 1 kilo narcotics trafficked into the country by a Pakistani drug mule that night. He said that he did this when Azlif agreed to give him half of the profit received by selling the narcotics.

Humam said that after this he went to Noonu Atoll Velidhoo to sell four bullets of narcotics with a person known as “Punk”. However, he said that the trip was unsuccessful so he used the narcotics with a group. He said that he told some of his friends during that trip that he would stab a Majlis member and to watch the news.

According to Humam he has stabbed others at the request of Azlif when he was underage. He said that these include the revenge assualts on the killing of H. Kubraa Ali Ishar.

The state produced a witness to this. Humam said that he returned from Velidhoo after spending three weeks in the island when Azlif called him back on September 25, 2012. He said that he met Azlif and son-in-law of Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP) Chairperson Reeko Moosa Manik, Abdullah Jawid in Jalapeno restaurant and Azlif said to him that he would receive 4 million Maldivian Ruffiya if he kills Dr. Afraasheem. He said that Jawid’s brother Janah was sitting at another table and he said he would receive that amount if he finish the job.

He said that he told them that H. Hicost Ali Shan and “Nangi” would be his allies to murder the MP.

Humam said that he asked Azlif during a meeting with Azlif and “Spy” regarding the reason for the killing of the MP. He said that Azlif told him that he should be killed and those reasons include Afraasheem’s statement following the transfer of power.

According to Humam’s statement he was aware of who Jawid is but he did not know whho Jawid’s brother Janah is. He said that he indentified Janah from the pictures Police showed during the investigation.

Humam said that Azlif bought three phones and sims for him, Shan and the underage boy. He said that Azlif told them that they would meet again when the job is done.

Humam said that he went to see Afraasheem’s residence on October 1 with some people at the request of Azlif.

Humam said that the weapons they used to kill Afraasheem were kept at Shan’s house in a black plastic bag. He said that he and Shan went with them to “Nangi”’s house on the night of October 1, 2012. He said that they went to the park near the Tsunami monument on the night of the murder and took out a Maldivian cleaver, two knife bayonets. He said that they changed their clothes there and were waiting for Afraasheem at his residence.

He said that he went inside Afraasheem’s house at the call of Shan and he said that Shan told him that he would give a signal when Afraasheem comes.

He said that he waited near the staircase with the Maldivian cleaver tucked inside his jeans. He said that Afraasheem entered the house 10 seconds after the signal of Shan. He said that Azlif informed Shan that the Afraasheem was coming.

He said that he hurled the cleaver against Afraasheem once he got inside the door and Afraasheem fell in shock when the cleaver hit the back of his neck. He said that he attacked him on the head as he fell and it chopped of a slice from his head. He said that Shan also got in and stabbed Afrasheem in the back using the knife bayonet. He said that he did not know that Afraasheem died on that moment.

Humam said that he and Shan then tried to drag Afraasheem onto the staircase. He said that “Nangi” got in and they tried to pull Afraasheem under the staircase.

He said that Afraasheem was not breathing and he was still but he did not know if he was dead. He said that he was very nervous during the attack and he did not what he was doing.

Humam said that he went to Shaheed Ali Mosque with Shan and washed his hands and feet there in the ablution area. He said that he had blood on his hands and his t-shirt.

Humam said that Shan left him near the mosque and he and “Nangi” then went to Park and changed their clothes. He said that he went to Blue Bay Cafe’ near Artificial Beach area and washed his hands again. He said that he then went inside the Turf stadium and he fell asleep there. He said that Azlif asked him to wait there. He said that he woke up when Azlif called him.

Humam said that he did not receive any money after the killing but Azlif told him that he received 1 million Ruffiya before the killing as an advance.

Humam said that he had nightmares of getting killed on a noose during his detention. He said that he sent notes to Azlif trying to produce false witnesses.

Humam also said that he drank four bottles of liquor and smoked a spliff of hashish before the murder. He said that he did not goto his house since afternoon that day and he spent the day in Dolphin Cafe’ drinking liquor mixed with Red Bull and smoking hash oil.

Human’s mother and father were present in the hearing. The judge asked him why he denied participating in the killing of Dr. Afraasheem earlier and he said that he feared that something might happen to his family.

Humam said that he wants to repent for the deed and he want to ask for the forgiveness of Afraasheem’s family. He asked the Judge not to sentence him to death.

When asked if he had anything more to say, Humam said that he wants to live.

Yesterday’s hearing was concluded without announcing a date for the next hearing.

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