Gasim vows to ‘bring Raa Atoll tourism to a hands reach’

Sunday, May 5th, 2013

Leader of the Jumhooree Party, Gasim Ibrahim has said that he will bring “Raa Atoll tourism to a hands reach’.

The Presidential candidate of the Jumhooree Party made this remark speaking at the campaign rally of the Jumhooree Party held at Raa Atoll Inguraidhoo island last night.

Gasim said that he would work to alleviate the difficulties faced by the people and would work hand to bring them happiness.

In my government I will work hard to relieve the people from all hardship. I will increase their income. I will bring the tourism of this atoll to their hands reach,” he said.

Gasim said that he decided to run for the Presidency of Maldives after witnessing the sufferings of the people. He said that he wants to relieve the people of these difficulties and make their lives happy. He said that it is unbearable for him to see his people living in such appalling condition.

Gasim said that he wants to protect the Islamic identity of the Maldives from the onslaught of attacks on it by Islamophobes.

In addition to this Gasim said that his government will be assigning 100 Fishing vessels to the people each year to increase their income and increase the state income.

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