Adhaalath Party breaks away from govt coalition

Tuesday, September 27th, 2011

-No members of AP will remain in any political posts of the govt

Murshid Abdul Hakeem

Male’; Adhaalath Party (AP) has broken away from the Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP)’s coalition government. The party passed a resolution last evening announcing their decision to break away from the coalition.

AP announced that the party passed the resolution to annul the coalition agreement made by the party with MDP on 30 June 2009, after taking a vote among the 34 members of the national assembly. 32 members voted in favour of the decision while 2 members voted against it.

A press briefing was held right after the meeting held to pass the resolution. AP informed the media that no members of the party can remain in any political posts of the government with the passing of the resolution last evening.

AP said that the party will officially notify the members of the party who are in political posts of the government tomorrow that they can no longer remain in these posts while being members of the party.

AP who has been recently strongly criticizing and opposing some decisions of the government announced a total of twenty eight reasons for their decision to break away from the coalition MDP government. AP noted that the government has failed to implement just and responsible steps to solve the case of Arabiyyah School and economic issues including the dollar shortage and high inflation rate. The party also stated that the MDP government’s failure to provide the fishermen with the promised subsidies and also their failure to reinstate the allowances cut from the salaries of Civil Servants are from the main reasons why the party decided to break away from the coalition.

Meanwhile, in view of the resolution passed by AP to break away from the MDP coalition, State Minister of Islamic Affairs, Hussein Rasheed Ahmed said that he was not informed of the resolution.

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