President’s remarks on narcotics makes his creed is questionable- Dr. Afrasheem

Tuesday, June 28th, 2011

Abdul Latheef

Ungoofaaru MP, Dr. Afrasheem Ali has said that the recent remarks of President Nasheed on the issue of narcotics make his creed questionable.

Dr. Afrasheem said that the President only speaks against “hard drugs” even though Islam does not make any distinction between hard drugs and soft drugs. He said that these statements of President Nasheed denote that he considers soft drugs to be permissible and lawful to use.

Dr. Afrasheem said that such statements contradict the religion of Islam. He said that the President should clarify his stance regarding soft drugs.

Dr. Afrasheem further said that President Nasheed’s statements indicate that he wants to legalise alcoholic beverages and narcotics that is classified by the west as soft drugs.

“The mere abuse of narcotics and intoxicants does not take a person out of the fold of Islam. But however if the person legalise it, meaning he considers that which Allah has made forbidden to be lawful, then he is an apostate. And it upon such a person to hasten in repenting to Allah for this vile action,” Dr. Afrasheem said.

Dr. Afrasheem said that he does not know the true intent of the President’s remarks on the issue but said that it indicates that he does not consider the use of “soft drugs” to be prohibited.

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  1. A corrupted Mullah like you has nothing to say about our society.
    People believe that you are a lunatic and people makes about your religious sermons.

    Posted by hassan ahmed | June 28, 2011, 8:48 pm

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