New residents will be relocated to Gulhifalhu by the end of 2012- Pres.

Monday, March 7th, 2011

Abdul Latheef

President Mohamed Nasheed has said that the second phase of the Gulhifalhu Project is now underway and the reclamation of the 50-hectare land is scheduled to begin next month. He said that an approximate area of 10 hectares of land is consigned for the establishment of the campus of National University of the Maldives.

In his Presidential Address, the President said that the development of 2500 housing units in Gulhifalhu will take place and by the end of 2012, new residents will have been relocated there.

“I reiterated last year our pledge to provide affordable housing and to strengthen family relations. Providing affordable housing is one of the most essential pledges of our government. Therefore, we have commenced the project of building a total of 10,000 housing units, of which 4,150 have been contracted and 1,750 of which are currently under construction,” President Nasheed said.

“In order to resolve the issues of congestion and lack of housing in Male’, under the first phase of Veshifahi Male’ programme, application forms are being issued for those wishing for housing,” he said.

The President also highlighted that a bridge will be constructed to link Vilingili and Gulhifalhu by the month of July 2013. He said that the strategic plan of possibilities and action for this project is expected to be devised and “with the Grace of Allah”, initiated this year.

Addressing the Peoples’ Majlis, he said that the primary objective of the government is to construct a 12-kilometre road connecting ‘Male’ Lonuziyaaraiykolhu’ and the ‘Giraavaru Kan’duolhi’. He added that this is under the main aim of the government to convenience the lives of one-third of the entire population living in Male’, and accelerate overall development.

Additionally, the President said that the 298 housing units planned for construction in Gaaf alif Atoll will continue at a faster pace this year, under the programme to provide shelter for those afflicted by the Tsunami.

“The proposal for the construction of 42 houses in Thaa Atoll Madifushi has been tendered and the contract has also been signed. The project to build 78 houses in the same island has begun and is expected to be completed by the end of this year, Along with that, the 45 houses’ project in Laam Atoll Maabaidhoo is currently in progress, while 168 houses are being built in Meem Atoll Kolhufushi to arrange for the permanent accommodation of those residents displaced in the tragedy,” he said.

Furthermore, the President said that the residents of Haa Dhaal Maavaidhoo, Faridhoo and Kun’burudhoo have been relocated to Haa Dhaal Nolhivaranfaru, where 181 houses have already been built for their residential purposes.

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