Pres. launches the Housing Project under Veshi Fahi Malé programme

Monday, January 10th, 2011

Murshid Abdul-Hakeem

President Mohamed Nasheed, yesterday launched phase one of the Housing Project under Veshi Fahi Malé Programme.

At the function held yesterday morning at the President’s Office, President Nasheed also launched ‘Veshi Fahi Malé’ information booklet.

Speaking at the function, President Nasheed said the government was very hopeful that the programme would be a success and that it would help alleviate congestion in Male’.

Veshi Fahi Malé Programmeinitiated by Malé Municipality last November, aims to combine the development of Malé, Vilingili, Guli Falhu, Thilafushi, Hulhumalé and Malé International Airport. The programme’s goal is to provide adequate housing for least advantaged Malé families and support decongestion of Malé.

Under phase 1 of the Veshi Fahi Malé programme, a total of 1,000 parties in the first category will be able to apply for housing schemes. The housing schemes include 500 housing units in Malé, 250 housing units in Hulhumalé, and 250 housing plots in Hulhumalé.

Under government’s pledge to provide 10,000 housing units within five years, 3,000 units will be developed in Malé. 1,000 housing units are already under construction, while development of the remaining 2,000 will begin in 2011.

After the function, Director of Veshi Fahi Malé Prigramme, Male’ Municipality President, Sarangu Adam Maniku; Minister of State for Housing and Environment, Akram Kamaluddin; and, Deputy Minister of Housing and Environment, Mohamed Faiz held a press conference on the details of the programme.

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