Supreme Court rules that rejected Minister’s cannot remain

Friday, December 10th, 2010

The Supreme Court has last night ruled that the seven rejected Ministerial appointments cannot remain in their posts after their dismissal by the People’s Majlis.

Supreme Court gave the verdict at the last hearing of the lawsuit of main opposition Dhivehi Rayyithunge Party (DRP) Leader Deputy Leader Ali Waheed, People’s Alliance (PA) Deputy President Moosa Zameer and Gaumee Party which was filed at the Supreme Court against the seven rejected Ministerial Appointments for remaining in their posts even after their dismissal by the People’s Majlis.

The verdict was supported by Chief Justice Ahmed Faiz Hussein including 5 judges of the Supreme Court.

Six out of the seven Judges of the Supreme Court ruled that the Ministerial appointments can only remain in their posts with the endorsement of the People’s Majlis as it is said in the Constitution. The judges also said that the Ministerial Appointments can remain President’s employees up until the President appoints new nominees for the vacant posts, so as not to lead the state into a constitutional void.

Judge Muthasim Adnan was the only judge who supported the President’s decision that the Ministerial appointments can remain in their posts despite their rejection by the People’s Majlis.

Meanwhile, the ministers who were not endorsed by the Majlis were Minister of Fisheries Dr. Ibrahim Didi who got only 3 votes; Minister of Education Dr. Mustafa Luthfi who got 4 votes; Minister of Defence Ameen Faisal who got 3 votes; Minister of Foreign Affairs Prof. Ahmed Shaheed who got 4 votes; Attorney General Dr. Ahmed Ali Sawad who got 5 votes; Minister of Finance and Treasury Ali Hashim who got 3 votes; and Minister of Home Affairs Mohamed Shihab who got only 3 votes.

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