President suggests idea of a unity government

Friday, September 10th, 2010

President Mohamed Nasheed has said that he has suggested Ahmed Thasmeen, the main opposition DRP Leader, the idea of a unity government.

In an exclusive interview with the Asian Tribune, the President said that although he suggested the idea of a unity government, but at the same time all should believe in the sanctity of political parties too.

“Yet I am making an appeal for a national government and I hope the elements within DRP could understand this,” the President said.

With regards to the separation of powers given the fact that the country has hit the worst, the President said that he is not happy with it.

“Our party, the MDP supported a parliamentary system of governance and we wanted to work out a parliamentary system. The whole constitution is based on a parliamentary system.But on the eleventh hour, someone came up with a bright idea (in Parliament) and decided to go for a referendum to decide the form of government. The result came out to be a presidential system, although by that time the constitution was done based on a parliamentary system. Then, the alien chapter on the presidency came in. How far powers are separated between the executive, parliament and the judiciary, how much leverage should parliament has over the executive are there,” he said.

He also said that “ideally, in a presidential system, parliament is there to make the executive answerable and not to infringe upon the executive and stop the executive from working, as is the case today.”

President Nasheed also said that according to his understanding, the opposition is working very hard to change the government without waiting for the elections in 2013.

“They have been a little eager on toppling the government. They want a quick transfer of powers back to them. In that process they have become a little over enthusiastic. But I think they will come to their senses. They have to come to terms with the new reality.”

The President noted that the main opposition leader understands democracy and that not all of the members of the opposition understand it.

“When I listen to Thasmeen it’s nice. He may have lot to say on the government but he is not trying to topple the government and trying to make the government answerable. He understands democracy. But not all of them (in his party) understand this. I think it will take some more time for Thasmeen to get a good grip on his own party – in a sense to wash the DRP off and make it a clean party.”

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