Supreme Court should continue and Supreme Court keys should be issued – Civil Court

Monday, August 9th, 2010

The Civil Court has ruled that Interim Supreme Court cannot be invalidated until the formation of a permanent Supreme Court and called unto the Ministry of Defense to release Supreme Court keys.

Last Saturday MNDF refused to release the key of the Supreme Court, questioning the legal status of the Supreme Court, which led the Chief Justice Abdulla Saeed raise the issue to Prosecutor General’s Office. And it was also reported that the Prosecutor General contacted Chief of Defense Force, Moosa Ali Jaleel and informed him the illegality of the act.

The verdict that the Interim Supreme Court cannot be abolished and the Supreme Court keys are to be released was delivered in yesterdays hearing of the charges filed by the Prosecutor General against the state seeking a warrant for the release of Supreme Court keys.

Delivering the verdict in yesterday’s hearing, Chief Judge Ali Sameer said no legal issues are present for arbitrary dismissal of interim Supreme Court until the formation of a permanent Supreme Court according to article 145 of the constitution.

Chief Judge Sameer also ruled that the Prosecutor General’s Office could press the charges on the matter since according to the articles 284 and 141 of the constitution no one shall hold the key of the Supreme Court without the consent of the court.

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