More Maldives Students To Study In Malaysia

Friday, May 21st, 2010

Maldives President Mohamed Nasheed has said that he is satisfied with the performance of Maldivian students studying in Malaysia.

He said confirmed the possibility of more students from Maldives coming to study in Malaysia in the near future and as he had held discussions with the Malaysian authorities, Malaysian media has reported.

Nasheed, who is attending the World Islamic Economic Forum 2010 (WIEF) which ended yesterday, visited the International Islamic University Malaysia (IIUM) and was briefed by IIUM Rector Datuk Seri Syed Arabi Idid.

According to Malaysian media in his visit to IIUM President Nasheed also he was proud to note that one of the general attorneys in Maldives was a student of IIUM, referring to now one of the opposition leaders, Dr. Hassan Saeed.

Also as part of his official visit to Malsyais, President Mohamed Nasheed has met with the Maldivian students in Malaysia.

Addressing the students, the President said that he was very happy to have had the opportunity of meeting them. He advised them to make the best use of the opportunity that they had obtained to pursue higher education.

The President also inquired from them about their well-being and also if there were any difficulties that needed attention.

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