Former President Maumoon declared as the SunFM Personality of the year 2009

Friday, May 7th, 2010

Former President Maumoon Abdul Gayoom was awarded the personality of the year 2009, in the awards presented by Sun FM to political, entertainment, sports and business personalities of the Maldives. Sun FM award night was held on Wednesday night at Dharubaaruge.

Maumoon secured the award after competing with his party’s leader, Ahmed Thasmeen Ali and President Nasheed. Of the votes casted by SMS, Maumoon secured 44.23% of votes, opposition leader Thasmeen attained 31.53% of votes and President Nasheed got 23.36% of the votes.

Business magnet Champa Hussain Afeef was declared as the business personality of the year with 59.87% of votes. Business magnet, politician and philanthropist Qasim Ibrahim attained 34.48% of votes while former national football team captain and businessman Mohamed Kaleem got 5.69% of the votes.

Local actress Mariyam Afeefa was declared as the female entertainment personality of the year with 50.07% of votes. Young singer Maain Rasheed attained 49.05% of votes while another young singer and champion of American idol style TV show “Dhivehi Raajjeyge Ran Adu” Mariyam Nadha Inaz got 0.88% of the votes.

Singer Mukhthaaru Adam was declared as the male entertainment personality of the year with 47.65% of votes. Comedian Mohamed “Mohonma” Abdulla attained 45.27% of votes while Actor Yoosuf Shafeeu got 7.08% of the votes.

Volleyball player Aishath Nazima was declared as the female sports personality of the year with 73% of votes. Maldives female netball team Captain Aishath Naura attained 13.55% of votes while another netball player Aminath Shiura got 13.45% of the votes.

Volleyball player Ibrahim Nizaar was declared as the male sports personality of the year with 50.38% of votes. Maldives national football team goalkeeper Imran Mohamed attained 44.02% of votes while his fellow teammate both at national team and Victory SC in 2009 Ibrahim “Oppo” Fazeel got 5.60% of the votes.

DRP MPs Ahmed Mahloof and Ali Waheed were declared as the best MPs of the first and second sessions of the Parliament in 2009.

The awards were delivered by Sun FM chairman and current independent MP and former DRP deputy leader Ahmed “sun travel” Shiyaam Mohamed.

Judges panel stated that they have received more than 150,000 votes for the awards.

In addition, 14 companies which advertised their businesses on Sun FM received “Sun FM business relationship award” and Aminath Niyaaza was declared as the employee of the year. During the award ceremony best 5 programmes of the channel voted by its staff were also announced. Best five programmes were religious programme “Ilmee Khazaana”, “Aa Feshumeh”, “Bondithaan”, children’s programme “Kudakudhinge Hadhiya” and “SunFM Dhiraagu Finiburu”.

The ceremony was attended by Vice-President Mohamed Waheed and many businessmen, sports stars, entertainers and politicians.

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