Former President Gayoom will not run for presidency or party leadership

Monday, January 25th, 2010

Backs Thasmeen as new DRP leader 

Former President and Leader of main opposition has announced he will not contest in the presidential election and for DRP leadership any more. The former President said this in a news conference televised on TV Maldives this afternoon.

Despite requests of many for him to remain as party leader and contest in the next presidential election, I am sorry to announce I will not contest for party leadership, an emotional Gayoom said. He also confirmed that he will not contest for the presidential election or any other election. Gayoom also said he thinks DRP Deputy Leader is a right choice to succeed him though the election of the new leader will be decided by delegates in the party Congress.

President Gayoom who his party members and many others believe is the leader who has the ability and experience and support to rule the country in a new term, said he has made the decision after careful thought as he is convinced Maldives is a young nation and therefore mantle of leadership must be handed over to the young generation. He said he is confident the new and young leadership in the DRP would further consolidate the party to remain and serve the nation as the biggest and most successful political party of the Maldives.

President Gyoom who founded DRP said he is proud of the achievements of the party and is confident members would make their best efforts to remain in the party, increase membership and win the next presidential election.

Mr. Gayoom said although delegates of the upcoming Congress will decide the new leader of the party in the elections, he personally feel Deputy Leader Ahmed Thasmeen is the best choice for the post  and said he would support Thasmeen.

DRP leader said he will be leading a quite life away from volatile politics but assured will remain as a member of the party to serve it.

President Gayoom ruled the Maldives for 30 years from 1978. DRP Congress will be held on 20-21 February.

Reader Comments

  1. Maumoon is the best politician? Oh Puhleezu…give me a break. He is the worst of worst. There are no politicians in Maldives, or elsewhere who could be any worse than a dictator who ruled a country with an iron-fist.

    Nobody had any right to utter even “Mau” with the intention of criticizing Maumoon. There was no freedom of expression. Anybody who would say the slightest thing that could make Maumoon “smaller” would be punished as if the person has committed blasphemy…and we have to call him the best politician?

    Maumoon is someone who used our money and gave out money for his chronies and ran a culture of nepotism by favouring his clan, his people and anybody who reverred him as though they were ready to worship him.

    Maumoon should not be given any money or security by using our money. Maumoon isthiufaa. Maumoon isthiufaa

    Posted by ablho | January 25, 2010, 8:16 am

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