Salaf claims three expatriates spreading Christianity in Maldives

Friday, December 4th, 2009

Jammiyyathu Salaf, an Islamic association in the country, has claimed that there are three expatriates from European countries who are very explicitly spreading Christianity in Maldives.

Salaf has posted these three European’s picture in the association’s website and also a picture of a book shelf which Salaf claims to contain books on Christianity.

According to Salaf, from these three Europeans, one man who is English, was most active in spreading Christianity in the country and that this man speaks Dhivehi language very fluently as well.

Salaf said that this Englishman first started his work in Villingilli district of Male’ and that he is a married man with two kids. Salaf also reported in their website that this man is now in Thaa atoll Kinbidhoo, out on his mission to spread Christianity in Maldives.

Salaf, in their website, had also uploaded an audio interview given by a resident of Kinbidhoo in relation to this issue.

In the audio interview, the resident of Kinbidhoo said that even the islanders do not know the work or occupation of this expatriate as he had once said he was into clove trade, another time he had said he was into garlic trade and also to some other people in that island, he had said he was a photographer and his business was to sell pictures via internet.

The interviewee further said that the visiting Englishman had given a CD to a girl from the island and that this CD contained stories related to Christian religion. The interviewee further said that the Englishman tried to convince the islanders that Islam tries to make things obligatory and in this regard, Islam has also made paying alms an obligatory duty upon Muslims.

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