President inaugurates Mandhu College

Wednesday, December 9th, 2009

mandhucollegeopening333President Mohamed Nasheed has inaugurated Mandhu College yesterday evening. Mandhu College established by veteran parliamentarian and politician Ibrahim Ismail, Ibra, as a Learning Centre has been imparting higher education in various fields since inception. Ibra who has done his Masters in education had considerable experience in the field of educational management having served in the sector before he became one of the key figures in the struggle for democracy and introducing party system in the country. He was also elected first president of the ruling MDP when the party was first established, President Nasheed was elected as the Chairperson of MDP along with Ibra. But Ibra resigned for what he described as differences of opinion. He was later elected as the MP for Male and had played a very active role both in the Peoples Special Majlis and Peoples Majlis.

Speaking at the ceremony President Nasheed commended the efforts of Ibra in establishing a higher education learning centre and developing as a College. He said he himself has seen these efforts at its formative stage. The President said expansion of the private sector in education and other fields is encouraging and it goes well with the Governments policy of Public Private Partnership. He said opening of Mandhu College is proof of the viability and sustainability of this vital change.

President Nasheed said he is heartened by the widening opportunities of higher education in the country and colleges and other institutes of learning will be an important element and success of higher education in the Maldives. He went on to say private colleges can be more efficient and cost effective. He said more than MRf 30,000 is spent for student a year a private college can provide the same at a much less cost. That is the reason the Government is making every effort to expand the private sector as much as possible. The money we spent at the Government institutions belong to the people, they will want the money to be spend in the most economic and beneficial manner.

The President said given the income of the country it is not possible for the Government to provide all the services by the Government. That is why it is important to encourage and help the participation and growth of the private sector in development of various services. The President mentioned the example of DhiFM Radio which is running with about 20 employees while TVM has over 500 employees.

The President underlined the importance of providing affordable higher education to those who are completing secondary education as such education will inspire productivity and good thinking in the youth. He said mere development of infrastructure would not suffice, what is more important and urgent is providing good education to the increasing student and youth population.

President Nasheed commended the Mandhu family for their long and dedicated service to education.

The College Councils President Ibrahim Ismail said the opening of the Mandhu College is fulfillment of a long cherished ambition, and he is determined to make the College a success in quality education. He told about his vision of the College in providing various levels of higher education. Ibra broke into tears when he spoke about his parents who inspired him to start the learning centre. Ibra in a different note appealed to the Government to strengthen the Maldives Accreditation Board.

According to informed sources, Ibra was offered a key cabinet post by his long time colleague President Nasheed, but Ibra politely declined the offer.

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