New Maldives, company dealing in fuel

Thursday, March 19th, 2009

New Maldives Pvt. Ltd, a company registered at Ministry of Trade and Economic Development on the 5 of this month, is a company which engages in fuel business, company’s chairman Ahmed Rasheed has revealed.

At a news conference organized by New Maldives, company’s chairman Ahmed Rasheed revealed that the objective of the news conference is to clarify that the company is not a political entity but a purely a business organization. Rasheed said New Maldives Pvt. Ltd has no political agenda even though some people may think otherwise.

Rasheed further said, some months back, a movement which operated under the name of new Maldives Movement was a political movement but New Maldives Pvt. Ltd has no political agenda and will never have one.

New Maldives chairman Rasheed said the company, in the days ahead, will focus on establishing a system in the atolls to provide easy access to fuel for the islanders. He said one of the objectives of the company is to provide support to those doing dealing in fuel in the atolls and this help the citizens.

Ahmed Rasheed is also the President of Maldives Fuel Association.

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