Resignation not shameful – Gasim

Sunday, December 7th, 2008

Former Home Minister and Leader of Jumhoory Party (JP) Gasim Ibrahim, who resigned on Wednesday, speaking on Dhi TV has said that resigning is not a shameful act if duties and responsibilities cannot be discharged in a responsible manner.

Gasim said it is an important democratic tradition to step aside if obstructions are encountered to discharge the responsibilities of the office in a responsible manner. He said staying on without resigning, when what he has promised to the people cannot be fulfilled, would not be correct.

He further said matters cannot be finalized in decentralized manner by forming a ‘dummy’ in violation the constitution. He said the way to proceed with the decentralized administration of atolls is specified in the constitution.

“The constitution specifies how to proceed with decentralization; things cannot be done against the constitution by forming a dummy without the approval of the Majlis, the constitution has given a deadline to elect a new Majlis, it also specifies a deadline to elect atolls and island councils, all the principles are in it, therefore if the decentralization is seen to be in contravention legal counsel should sought, while the constitution binds the (government), what other course could be sought in decentralization?” Gasim ended his comments speaking why he resigned.

According to Gasim who contributed heavily to topple by ballot the 30 year regime of former president Gayoom he has never advised on replacement of atoll chiefs appointed by the former régime. However, he said that he presented a list of names to fill the quota of government portfolios allocated to his Jumhoory Party.

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