Dr Razee to guide Dhuvaafaru development

Friday, December 12th, 2008

The President of Maldives Mohamed Nasheed (Anni) has revealed intentions to appoint Dr. Ahmed Razee as his Envoy to provide guidance and advice to Dhuvaafaru Development Committee, a committee that is to be formed shortly.

President Nasheed said the main reason for his decision is to manage the committee under the guidance and advise of person with strong leadership qualities. Dr. Razee is well known to the Kadholhudhoo islanders and has maintained close relationship with the islanders, according to many Kadholhudhoo islanders.

Speaking to the islanders after officially declaring Dhuvaafaru as an inhabited island, President Nasheed said “the next priority task of the government will be to establish a committee to work for the development of the island and the community”.

He said further development of the island will take place with the consultation of the committee and as advised by the committee. He said the committee will apart from looking in to the developmental aspects of the island will also handle day to day management of the island’s affairs and the committee should not fall prey to useless squabbles which has the potential to render the committee ineffective. He expressed that the committee despite differences of opinion among members should be able to reach decisions according to democratic principles.

President Nasheed noted that when the completion of the relocation of Kadhulhudhoo islanders take place, Dhuvaafaru population will be close to 4000 and that he would like to continue the island’s future development and welfare of its people in a manner conforming to decentralized principles. President Nasheed noted the importance of starting such a venture on the correct footing and said that the experiences gained here in Dhuvaafaru will be useful in the development of other islands in the country.

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