The President makes Senior Government appointments

Thursday, November 13th, 2008

President Nasheed has appointed Mr. Ibrahim Hussain Zaki as the Special Envoy of the President and Dr. Hassan Saeed as the Advisor to the President. The President also appointed State Ministers and Deputy Ministers to his administration. The appointments were announced at a ceremony held at the President’s Office this evening.

The newly appointed State Ministers are:

1. Mr. Ahmed Mujthaba, Minister of State for Home Affairs

2. Mr. Ahmed Shafeeq, Minister of State for Home Affairs

3. Mr. Ahmed Naseem, Minister of State for Foreign Affairs

4. Mr. Ahmed As’ad, Minister of State for Finance and Treasury

5. Mr. Thayyib Mohamed Waheed, Minster of State for Tourism, Arts and Culture

6. Mr. Hamid Abdul Ghafoor, Minister of State for Human Resources, Youth and Sports

7. Mr. Aslam Shakir, Minister of State for Housing, Transport and Environment

8. Mr. Maizan Adam Maniku, Minister of State for Housing, Transport and Environment

9. Mr. Mohamed Adil Saleem, Minster of State for Fisheries and Agriculture

10. Dr. Hussain Rasheed Hassan, Minister of State for Fisheries and Agriculture

11. Mr. Mohamed Muizzu Adnan, Minister of State for Defence and National Security

12. Mr. Mahmood Razi, Minister of State for Civil Aviation and Communication

13. Dr. Ahmed Ali Maniku, Minister of State for Education

14. Dr. Mohamed Ali, Minister of State for Fisheries and Agriculture

The newly appointed Deputy Ministers are:

1. Dr. Mohamed Shareef, Deputy Minister of Housing, Transport and Environment

2. Ms Shifa Mohamed, Deputy Minister of Education

3. Sh. Ilyas Hussain Ibrahim, Controller of Immigration and Emigration

Also, the President appointed three officials to the senior posts at the President’s Office. Mr. Abdulla Saeed was appointed as the Cabinet Secretary, Mr. Ahmed Mausoom as the Finance Secretary and Mr. Abdul Bari Abdulla as the Corporate Services Secretary.

Speaking at the ceremony, President Nasheed said that the newly appointed government officials had rendered innumerable political services to the country during the past 4 years. The President also called on the officials to fulfil their responsibilities and to work to fulfil the promises made to the people.

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