Fazeel Najeeb appointed as MMA Chief

Friday, October 24th, 2008

President Maumoon Abdul Gayoom has appointed Fazeel Najeeb as the Governor General of Maldives Monetary Authority. Fazeel Najeeb was appointed to the post after consulting the People’s Majlis, in accordance with law number 2007/3.

People’s Majlis endorsed Fazeel Najeeb of M. Fashala proposed for the Governor of Maldives Monetary Authority (MMA) at the 4th sitting of the 3rd session held on 14 October 2008. 20 members out of 32 members in attendance voted in favor of accepting Fazeel Najeeb while 11 members voted against and 1 member abstained.

Fazeel Najeeb held the post of Director international cooperation at the trade ministry before proceeding to UK to pursue studies for a Ph D. in intellectual property law. He has earlier accomplished his first degree in economics and subsequently Masters Degree in international business law also in the UK. Najeeb’s name was submitted to the Majlis by president Gayoom on 21 August 2008.

Fazeel who hails from the Southern island atoll of Fuahmulah is seen as a good and efficient administrator. He is the brother of Fuahmulah member of the Majlis Maseeh who also held the post of Deputy Minister in the President’s Office which he resigned in August to remain as a member of the Majlis to comply with the new Constitution.

The post of Governor of MMA was previously held by Abdullah Jihad. Jihad was appointed the new Finance Minister on 15 July following former minister Gasim Ibrahim’s resignation. President Gayoom proposed the name of former State Finance Minister Arif Hilmy for appointment of the MMA chief, but Arif declined the offer soon after. Nominations of MMA Governor and Deputy Governor have to be endorsed by the People’s Majlis before the President can appoint them to the posts. Aishath Zahira was recently appointed as the Deputy Governor of MMA.

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