Adhaalath Chief condemns Majlis

Thursday, September 4th, 2008

Some members of the People’s Majlis representing Political Parties are full of self interest and totally unsuited to be trusted with such huge responsibilities, according to Shiekh Hussain Rasheed Ahmed, Leader of Adhaalath Party (AP).

Rejecting the Majlis decision to disqualify the Adhaalath Party nominee to interim Election Commission for the second time, Leader of Adhaalath condemned the Majlis in strong words.

The Sheikh insisted that Ahmed Sameer of M. Asaree Handhu proposed by the party is a valid candidate and fully satisfies the requirements. He said the problem here is the Poverty Eliminating Party (PEP) has submitted Sameer’s name to the Elections Commission without his consent and knowledge.

“Now, as the nominee cannot hold membership of any political party, we have removed his name from our register and we proposed his name to the Majlis last month, however, this is an act of robbery committed jointly by some members of the Elections and Poverty Eliminating Party, Majlis is fully aware of the whole thing in detail, they are aware this is corruption, without looking in to the actual problem or the crime itself, Majlis has decided to take the easy way out and reject Saleem” said the Sheikh.

Adhaalath Leader said the party has no intention of proposing another nominee to the Majlis.

“We proposed Saleem repeatedly not because the party is incapable of producing other candidates, we wanted to prove that Saleem do meet the requirements, and this why we have given top priority to Saleem, we don’t want to submit another name, what this whole incident proves is that they want to exclude us” Sheikh Rasheed said.

Adhaalath Party has revealed that they will assist Sameer to sue Red Wave Saleem, founder member of Poverty Eliminating Party.

The Majlis ad hoc committee tasked with screening of the nominations proposed by political parties, the name of Sameer was rejected. Two members voted in favor of accepting Sameer while 3 members abstained voting.

A decision of the People’s Party nomination Fuadh Thaufeeq was not reached as the Majlis has not completed its screening procedures.

Under the constitution ratified on the seventh of last month, the interim Election Commission has to be established by the seventh of this month.

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