Miadhu Crystal award: Best film Zuleykha, Best actor Yoope, Best actress Niuma

Saturday, June 30th, 2007

Popular film actor Yoosuf Shafeeu, Yooppe has bagged best actor award for his role in Zuleykha, Niuma Mohamed has won best actress award for her role in Kalaayaa Nulai while Zuleykha received 7 more awards in the Miadhu Crystal Awards held last night at Dharubaaruge. Zuleykha received awards for best cinematography, best make-up, best story, best child artist, best supporting actor, best director and best film. Most awards for Zuleykha were received by the director and story writer of the film Fathmath Nahla, while her daughter Mariyam Enas got the best child artist award and Mohamed Maniku best supporting actor award.

After receiving the best story award Nahla said that was the award she had most wanted and said she was very happy for her film getting so many awards. She said there are many people behind the success of the film and she thanked them profoundly. She said she will start her new film Yoosuf on 16 August to challenge all her previous films.

While Zuleykha received Best film award Yooppe was delighted to receive the best actor award and said he is receiving the award coinciding the birth of his second child. He said he received President’s award when he had his first child, so his success is linked with his children.
Niuma was overwhelmed when she received her award saying that was the first big award she has got in her film career. She said she could not have achieved all this without the help of so many people and she thanked them from her heart and burst into tears in joy.

The awards for best newcomers went to Mariyam Afeefa ( Vaa loabi egeynama ) and Ravi Farog ( Hureeme Inthizaaruga ) while jury’s best film award went to Heyla, best director award was given to Abdul Fathah and best screenplay award to Araamagu Dhonkamana. Best supporting actress award was received by Aishath Shiraani ( Kalaayaa Nulaa ) Best TV series award went to Vairoalhi ah ves sirrun. Other awards went to Eynaa ( best editor ), Gini Hila ( best visual effects ) Araamagu Dhonkamana ( best sound effects ) Eynaa ( best background music ), Vaa loabi egey nama ( best costume ), Eyna, Abdul Faththah ( best screen play ) Eynaa , Ismail Rasheed ( best villain ).

In the music category Fathmath Zoona won the best female singer award ( Fari Loa – Hiiy dheevaanaa 3) Abdul Bari received best male singer award ( Beynunvey Adhu ) best video song award went to Hiiy Dheevanaa Fathisdhan while Ibrahim Nifaaru received the best creative melody award ( Vaaloabi egeny nama ), best song award went to Kalaayaa Nulai (title song) best audio album award was received by Kisthee and best video album award to Hiiy Dheevaanaa 3.

Miadhu Crystal Awards Night included some dances and songs where  popular artists like Mariyam Azza, Aishath Rishmee, Azzey, Giyaz, Sheela Najeeb, Ravi Faroog and Abdul Bari have given a superb performance.

Veteran Maldivian film personality Abdul Muhaimin praised  Miadhu Crystal Awards as a wonderful initiative and a boost to the industry. It  is really wonderful, It is a great encouragement to us. I am very impressed by the excellent performance. " Popular film star Ali Seazan congratulated the show. " Its great. I am so impressed. We have never had an award of such excellence and status. It is most encouraging to the film industry."

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